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TweepML is a website that offers you an OPML list (like Google Reader, for example) with some Twitter users you choose and bundles them together, making possible to share this list with whomever you want, embed it into your blog, etc.

Here is an example of such a list created by me, with some great Twitter users: http://tweepml.org/Web-Upd8-s-List/.

If you click on that link, you’ll see a list of Twitter users which are selected for you to follow. You can individually uncheck people from that list. You then sign in with your Twitter credentials below that list and you will be following those users.

TweepML, the format, promises to be extensible and open so others are free to use it as well. It’s based on simple XML, and Marcelo Calbucci, the man behind TweepML, hopes that sites start making it a standard by implementing it and including .tml files on their servers for visitors to access.

[via techcrunch]