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According to Mashable, who keeps us posted live from the Apple conference, Steve Jobs is back and also has announced a whole new bunch of interesting features for the Apple product lovers.

I'll just write here some of the main headlines:

- BREAKING: New iPod Nanos Get a Video Camera and More - a mic, integrated speaker, FM Radio, a larger display, VoiceOver and pedometer. All for 179$.

- ipod News (from ReadWriteWeb ) Cheaper & Bigger - new prices for the iPod touch - 199$ for 8Gb, 299$ for 32Gb, and 399$ for 65Gb. Also, the iPods are now "50% faster", according to Apple. The iPod classic now features a 160Gb hard drive for 250$. iPod shuffle will com in a 2Gb version for 59$.

- iTunes 9 - sure does look pretty, according to CrunchGear. LPc can now be picked up from the store that includes lyrics, notes, videos, photos and more. Now you can easier browse and navigate through it, preview any song, TV show, album or movie from the Apple Store. Also, iTunes 9 allows Genius Mixes, that is turning your playlists into something akin to a radio station (it knows what song just go together, according to Mashable). The new iTunes available here.

- a very nice selection of photos you can find on Engadget. Morover, we found there that the iPhone 3.1 update, free for iPhone users, now adds a much-requested feature - the Genius Mode for the App Store. The iPhone OS 3.1 update should be available for download later today via iTunes.