Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

Linux applications recently updated (well, actually some are multi-platform, but anyway):

Where is Application 1.5 - application which informs you where to find applications after installing, in the Gnome menu | Download for Ubuntu

Pidgin 2.6.2 - multi-protocol IM client | Changelog | Downloads | Download for Ubuntu

SoundConverter 1.4.4 - a simple sound converter application for the GNOME environment. It reads sound files in any format supported by GStreamer and outputs them in Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, or WAV format, or MP3 format if you have the GStreamer LAME plugin | Download for Ubuntu

Viewnior 0.7 - an enhanced image viewer for Gnome that uses very few resources, written in C (GTK +) and released under GPLv3 | Download | Ubuntu download (PPA)

Gwget2 1.0.2 - a GNOME front-end to the popular wget application, with enhanced features, such as systray icon, multiple downloads and a powerful preferences manager. | Release notes | Download for Ubuntu

Blender 2.49b - a free 3D animation studio. It includes tools for modeling, sculpting, texturing, UV mapping, rigging and constraints, weight painting, particle systems, simulation , rendering, node-based compositing, and non linear video editing, as well as an integrated game engine for real-time interactive 3D, and game creation and playback with cross-platform compatibility. | Release notes | Downloads | Download for Ubuntu

GSmartControl 0.8.5 - Graphical user interface for smartctl (from Smartmontools package), which is a tool for querying and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data on modern hard disk drives. It allows you to inspect the drive's SMART data to determine its health, as well as run various tests on it. | Download for Ubuntu

Decibel Audio Player 1.01 - GTK+ open-source (GPL license) audio player designed for GNU/Linux, which aims at being very straightforward to use by mean of a very clean and user friendly interface. | Release notes | Download | Download for Ubuntu