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Rhythmbox 0.12.5 was released yesterday, bringing mostly bug fixes, but also 3 notable improvements:

* New cover art search code using discogs.com and MusicBrainz, replacing
the Amazon cover art search that no longer works (Jonathan Matthew)
* Updated Coherence UPnP plugin (Frank Scholz)
* Clicking on the status icon summons the main window to the current
(Steve Fracinaux)

Bugs fixed:

410684 - MusicBrainz cover art search
590184 - Update .desktop file for new GenericName conventions
592404 - use correct icon name for the throbber
592763 - fix some button definitions so the button-images setting works
593494 - display location column in playlists if enabled
594008 - fix reading of symlinks with non-ASCII targets
594124 - fix incorrect variable name in gio chunk loader
594419 - disable non-functional lyricwiki search
594728 - deadlock setting replaygain-adjusted volume

Download Rhythmbox 0.12.5: Ubuntu .deb | Other Linux distributions