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Readtwit is a free service you can use to filter your twitter feed to links only, which then resolves link destinations and publishes the content as an RSS feed. You can then use any feed reading software / service to read twitter posted content along with the rest of your feeds. Basically, you can read your Twitter stream in Google Reader, but you get both the tweet and the post, plus display control, filter out users, or ban hashtags.

Duplicate links in the same time-frame are grouped together. No more retweets overwhelming your link browsing activity. Read on for some more info and screenshots!

I've tested Readtwit in Google Reader and well, found it to be amazing. Take a look at the following screen shot to see the options available while reading the feed:


And here's a look at ReadTwit's filters and display options in action:

The tool was developed by @erangalperin and designed by @talzu. @adambn was also around. Although I've only used it for a few minutes now, I find it to be an extremely useful service, great for reading the posts behind the tweets.