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As you know, Blogger has finally added the "Read More" functionality for the main page of Blogger Blogs which works just like on Wordpress: by inserting the <!-- more --> tag where you want the "Read more" text to be displayed (if it doesn't work for your template, read here on how to fix it). But the "Insert Read More" button is only available to either the new Blogger post editor which I hate or to Blogger in Draft. So I looked up for a solution to insert this tag through the old Blogger post editor and didn't find any, so I built one myself, through a simple Greasemonkey script.

The script is called "Blogger Insert Read More Button For The Old Editor" and it uses just a few lines of code which add a "Insert 'More'" button at the bottom of your old post editor, which simply inserts the <!-- more --> tag:


To use it, you will be needing Firefox + Greasemonkey.