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Nocs is a free and open-source Notepad alternative that uses Spreadsheets API to upload and synchronize text documents with Google Docs (Windows only). This allows quick editing regardless of user or physical location.



* all the basic functionality of the Windows Notepad
* login with a Google account
* change the Google account on-the-fly
* encrypt your documents
* auto-save after a specified timeout
* find & replace with regular expressions

Once you've downloaded, installed the utility, and entered your Google account information, you'll be able to create text notes and save them directly to Google Docs. The notes can be encrypted by flipping a switch in the preferences, and you can switch from one account to another easily.

The only real problem is that the notes are stored on the Google Docs side in a single spreadsheet, and not in human-readable format—but if you are looking for a way to quickly store and retrieve notes that can be accessed from any computer (with Nocs installed), this might be worth a look.

[via blogsdna]