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We can add another great application for updating most of you installed application (in Windows) to our automatic software updater list.

To install the new CNET TechTracker, you must go to it's webpage, create an account and then you'll be able to download the application.

After successfully setting it up, CNET TechTracker will scan your computer for installed software. Once the scan is complete, a web page will open displaying your results:

cnet techtracker results

Then, every time a new update arrives, you'll see an alert message pop up from the TechTracker icon in the task tray. You can also hover the cursor over the icon to see how many updates await, or click the icon to list them by name:

cnet techtracker systray

CNET TechTracker is freeware, works on most modern browsers (I tested it in Firefox 3.5 and everything went well) and runs on Windows XP and above.