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Facebook announced Translations for Facebook Connect, a new free tool that will help webmasters to translate their websites and web apps to all the languages supported by Facebook — including, of course, Pirate (check out the complete list here).

The technology is based on the same solution Facebook (Facebook) developed for itself when it decided to make the site available in multiple language.

How it works:

You can start integrating Translations for Facebook Connect into your site with an HTML file and a few lines of JavaScript in less than an hour. Whether you want to translate an application, a social widget, or an entire website, you have complete control over every aspect of the translation process. After you choose what languages you want your site or application to support, you can get help from the Facebook community to translate your site, as we did, or you can do the translation yourself, or make a specific person the administrator of the process. To start translating your site, read the documentation on the Developer Wiki.

For more info, visit the Facebook announcement.