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Omnibar Firefox add-on integrates the location bar and search bar into one "omnibar", like the one in Google Chrome. This Firefox extension shows both search and url suggestions and it allows you to quickly switch search engine using search keywords or use advanced operator "@[engine] [search query]". For comprehensive url completions use "www." as prefix in queries.

Omnibar for Firefox also comes with some options allowing you to tweak even more the location bar, such as the maximum number of results or the type (rich / slim) and so on:

omnibar firefox

There is just one option missing: setting the search to open in a new tab. But you can easily set this yourself. In the location bar, type: about:config and then search for:
Right click this and select "Toggle" so that you set it to "True". Now when you search for something using the new Omnibar, the search results page will open in a new tab.