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I did an upgrade on my Ubuntu Karmic Koala installation and Pidgin came up in the updates. Something must have happened with Empathy which should have been the defaul. Please note that I never installed pidgin-notify or Pidgin, and this is a fresh install so there would be no reason for Pidgin to be in the updates except if they decided to put it back as default.


It seems it could be a packaging bug, an Ubuntu developer says:

Pretty sure this is actually a packaging bug. libpurple0 (used in empathy) gained a Recommends for pidgin-libnotify which depends on pidgin. Since we install Recommends by default now...

ubuntu software center screenshot

And the second news: A new name for "Software Store" has been the most discussed 'idea' in Ubuntu Brainstorm, basically because "store" would mean to buy software, while using the "Software Store", you don't buy anything (at least for now, I've heard a few things about a real "Software Store" in the future). Well, Mark Shuttleworth finally accepted to rename the "Software Store" to "Software Center" ("Software Centre" in UK English). You can track the progress, HERE.