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JaangleJaangle is a free media/music player for Windows which, besides the normal audio player capabilities, offers online integration (automatically downloads and displays artist information and artwork from the net) as well as integrated audio tag editing for every imaginable audio format. Jaangle and foobar2000 are the only Windows music players that come close to my favourite Linux player, gMusicBrowser and it's my favourite Windows music player, for now anyway!

The application downloads free information from the Internet that music fans will appreciate, including artist photos, album covers, song lyrics, music tablatures, album reviews, and artist biographies. For example, if you right-click on an artist in the library and then select "LastFM - load picture," it will download an additional free artist picture (if available) each time it is clicked, turning the relevant photo into a slide show. Apart from playing most of the common music formats Jaangle will also play some video formats with the possibility that in the future .flv files will be included.


This is a short list of the main features.

Jaangle works on Windows XP/2003, Vista, is freeware and you can download it from HERE. The installer is about 2.2 mb and only uses ~25 mb of RAM.

[via freewaregenius, image credits: jaangle.com, I'm using Linux right now so I couldn't grab a screenshot]