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New Tab King is a Firefox addon which makes your new tab page somewhat similar to that of Google Chrome. You get instant access to recently closed tabs, personalized suggested sites and even shortcuts to your desktop applications. But the version available at the Mozilla addons website is not the latest version. Take a look at what's different between version 2.0.6b (the default version at addons.mozilla.com) and the latest version, 2.1.0:

* Major look and feel facelift
* 7 built-in themes
* Online sharing of your most used sites
* performance improvements
* better search bar usability
* Most used site + ENTER now gets you to your destination the fastest way
* Lots of bugs fixed

Screenshots with New Tab King 2.1.0 in action:

There is no reason why, these days, your new tab should be empty and bland. With the New Tab King add-on for Firefox, you can make the new tab page and the Firefox browser even more functional than it was before.

Install New Tab King 2.1.0 (don't forget to click the "Let me install this experimental add-on" button)