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AstroMenace is a space shooter for Linux where the player controls a ship in three-dimensional environments and he must fight alien invaders to survive. The player starts with a ship equipped with simple weapons and he must collect money to upgrade them and increase the firepower against the enemy. The game provides a wide variety of armaments and weapon upgrades for discharging the retributive wrath upon the hordes of enemies, besides it has a great number of improvements for enhancing the defensive abilities of your spaceship.

You can select between two modes: most damage against the enemies or most skilled to maneuver the ship.

AstroMenace in action:

Download AstroMenace game for Ubuntu / Debian (get all the below 3 packages):
libopenal0a_1.3a0.0.8-4_i386.deb | amenace-data | amenace

For other Linux distributions, see Astromenace download page.