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google book downloader

Google Book Downloader is a Windows utility that rips books from Google and saves them as PDFs so you can view them with any device or desktop that can view this file format. Using Microsoft’s .NET framework, the Google Book Downloader application allows users to enter a book’s ISBN number or Google link to pull up the desired book and begin a download, fishing off with exporting the file to a PDF.

Please note that Google Books Downloader is purely non-commercial and for educational purpose and does not promote any illegal conduct of any kind.


  • Download any book from Google Books marked as 'Full view'
  • Partially download any book from Google Books marked as 'Limited preview'
  • Access to any book available only for US citizens (instructions)
  • Searching for hidden pages (not indexed by Google Books)
You can either install Google Books Downloader or download a portable version which you can simply unzip and run from your hard drive or a removable disk.

In order to queue up a book for download, just open the "add book" dialog in the file menu and copy an paste the book code, link, or ISBN number, click search, and then select the book that shows up. To begin downloading, right click a title and hit "start." and to export a file as a PDF, right-click and hit "export."

For a complete guide on how to use Google Book Downloader, look HERE.

P.s.: Another way of downloading Books from Google, is by using a simple Greasemonkey Script and then to download the book:
  1. Install FlashGot add-on for Firefox and FlashGet
  2. Select all pages, right-click, choose FlashGot Selection
  3. Press OK to start downloading. Note : Download only one page at a time, or your IP will be banned
  4. After the downloading is finished, in FlashGet, left panel, choose Downloaded folder.
    Select all pages of the book, right-click, choose Rename -> Comment As Filename