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KeePassX Password Safe is a free, open-source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. Originally KeePassX was called KeePass/L for Linux since it was a port of Windows password manager Keepass Password Safe. After KeePass/L became a cross platform application, it changed it's name to KeePassX

KeePassX offers a little utility for secure password generation. The password generator is very customizable, fast and easy to use. Especially someone who generates passwords frequently will appreciate this feature.

The complete database is always encrypted either with AES (alias Rijndael) or Twofish encryption algorithm using a 256 bit key. Therefore the saved information can be considered as quite safe. KeePassX uses a database format that is compatible with KeePass Password Safe. This makes the use of that application even more favourable.

Ubuntu users: the application is available in the Ubuntu repositories, but if you want to install the latest version (which was released yesterday), you can either add the KeePassX PPA, or direct download of .deb files (see below).

Download KeePassX / KeePass (Windows, Ubuntu repository, openSUSE, Fedora 10 & 11 and Mac OSX) | Download Ubuntu .deb