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The upcoming Firefox 3.5.3 and Firefox 3.0.14 releases, currently in beta, will check the version of Adobe Flash plug-in installed in the browser and warn the user if that plug-in is out of date. Johnathan Nightingale, "Human Shield" (Security Lead) at Mozilla confirmed the new security feature and said that the Flash version check was part of a wider commitment to "protect users from emerging threats online".

Firefox users with an outdated version of Adobe Flash will receive the notification that it is outdated. This information contains a link that is directly pointing to the latest version of Adobe Flash at the Adobe website. Hopes are that many users who are running an outdated version of Flash will visit the Adobe website after a Firefox update to download the latest version of Adobe Flash to install it on their computer system.

Users who want to try the Flash check right now can visit the upcoming what’s new page for Firefox 3.5.3.

[via ghacks] [thanks dionis for the tip!]