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Do you know the "Retweet" button for Twitter which is displayd everywhere on web pages / blogs? We have that here, at Web Upd8 too (look below the post title). Well, now there is a button like that for Facebook too.

Facebook Sharecount is the name of this new service inspired, obviously, by Tweetmeme ReTweetbutton, but with a somewhat different functionality: it displays the number of shares and on hover the total number of clicks for those shares, displaying the Facebook logo when 0 shares.

Also, just like Tweetmeme, it provides both large and small buttons so you can easily fit it to your blog, and currently tracks the shares from the button using your awe.sm API Key or fbshare.me links and you can use Google Analytics parameters for those links.

Facebook Sharecount can be installed using JavaSctipt or through a Wordpress plug-in.

You can see it live in this post. To see how it works exactly, go ahead and share this post on Facebook :-)

Update: this doesn't seem to work very well, it's not even auto extracting the post title. I'll try adding it manually...