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WINE supports font smoothing, including subpixel since Wine version 1.1.12. The problem is, this feature is disabled by default. There are many advices in internet on how to enable it (which includes working out with registry etc) but thanks to TiGR @ubuntuforums.org (via techie-buzz), you can enable smooth fonts in Wine by using a simple script.

All you have to do is open a terminal and paste the following 2 commands:

wget http://files.polosatus.ru/winefontssmoothing_en.sh
bash winefontssmoothing_en.sh
(the first command downloads the .sh script and the second one executes it)

Then you'll be prompted to choose the desired font smoothing for Wine:

wine font smoothing

After this, open a Wine application (close running apps first) to see the changes.

This is how the font will look like (first is no smoothing, second - grayscale, third - RGB subpixel):

wine smooth fonts