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xara xtreme linux

Xara Xtreme for Linux (formerly known as Xaralx) is an open source image editor based on the Windows Xara LX (which is also an image editor, obviously).

We can use Xara Xtreme to create and edit different types of images, including vector graphics (other Linux vector graphic editors: Inkscape, sK1 - Ubuntu repo). The interface is clean and uncluttered, and in just one window, as opposite to The Gimp (which is still my favourite for complex tasks).

Xara Xtreme for Linux main features:
  • Is very fast, very slick to use.
  • Offers some of the most powerful graphics tools available.
  • Is simple to use and learn.
  • Has a clean, un-cluttered user interface. Few floating dialogs, palettes, menus etc.
  • Is able to create a huge range of outstanding graphics.
  • Has a huge resource of learning material, tutorials, movies, tips and a very active enthusiastic and growing user community.

The program is free and should available in your Linux distribution repositories. For Ubuntu, you can install Xara Xtreme through Synaptic (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager, then search for "Xara") or by typing the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install xaralx
And to also install the extras,
sudo apt-get install xaralx-examples xaralx-svg

If Xara Xtreme is not available in your distro repositories, you can download it from HERE.

Windows users can get a: free Xara Xtreme Special Edition (XS) license in just a few steps.

[via bitelia]