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Let's face it: most Twitter direct messages are spam. If that's the case for your Twitter account and even if not, you may sometime want to delete all the DMs and for that, you need to make a lot of clicking. For instance, here are may latest received direct messages:

twitter DMs spam

(it's all spam)

Here is where DM Whacker bookmarklet comes in.

DM Whacker works very simple: just click the bookmarklet while on your Twitter inbox page and some options are instantly displayed in the top right corner.

dm whacker

You can choose to either wipe out all your DMs or:

-dm's from a certain user
-only received / sent items
-advanced options for deleting dm's containing a certain text

To use DM Whacker, drag the following link (bookmarklet) to your bookmarks and click it whenever on your Twitter inbox page:

DM Whacker