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I recently got the following error while trying to install the latest Google Chrome dev build on Ubuntu Jaunty:

Dependency is not satisfiable: libnss3-1d

and I think it's got something to do with installing Flash Player from Adobe's website (even though I also installed it from Ubuntu repositories).

If this also happens to you, here's what to do:

1. Install Flash Player like explained in this post (if not already).

2. Download libnss3-1d from HERE. For me, it didn't work installing it the visual way, so open a terminal, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the .deb file and run this command:
dpkg -i libnss3-1d*.deb

3. If the issue was because of the Adobe Flash Player installed from Adobe website, you will probably have 2 or 3 broken packages, so now let's fix it:
sudo apt-get install -f

That's it, now you can install the latest version of Google Chrome dev channel for Ubuntu.