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You might wonder why the title looks weird, with that "Everything" in the middle of it. Well, that's because with Dazzboard's new "Cloud Storage" option introduced today, you get no upload limit, no file size limit, no resizing of the original file, no download limits, no speed limits, no nag screens, and no watermarking - FOR FREE.


Dazzboard describes their service as a "universal media manager," but we like to think of it more as a mobile device manager which lets you move your media files from your phone to your PC and up to the web. The innovative software is only a few months old, but it already supports over 100 different mobile devices. The idea is that you can use Dazzboard to move your content - be it photos, videos, or music - between your computer and mobile even if your handheld doesn't sync with iTunes.

Official description:

Our mission is to provide open media distribution platform to help manage, sync, discover and distribute any type of media with all your portable devices, PC and favorite social networks.

dazzboard is a non-proprietary, free media manager that enables media and device management. It helps you to share and sync your media cross-platforms.

dazzboard is a first media manager product of Linkotec corporation and developed by seasoned online and mobile media professionals with extensive background on media distribution and web technology.

The first step to using Dazzboard is installing the software, which currently works only as a browser plugin (IE/Firefox) on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 PCs. The company has a Mac version in the works and will support Google Chrome once extensions come to that browser. Yes, unfortunately there is no info about a Linux version. A Facebook app and iGoogle gadget are also available.

From the web-based Dazzboard interface, you can easily move your files to and from the supported platforms and online services. You can browse, play, and organize your files which are organized into three categories: photos, music, and mobile.

The MySites web service provides you with a custom URL (yourname.mysites.com), privacy control features, an RSS feed, and a multi-file upload option for sharing several files at once. After uploading your media, your page will feature the files and links to download and you also have the option to share the files using embed codes, Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking services (Delicious, Digg, Google and Reddit), and even mobile QR codes.

[via RRW]