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Image and video hosting by TinyPicSilence of the Foxes is a utility that works for both Firefox and Thunderbird which will unpack your original Firefox setup, add your extensions, themes, profiles, etc. and pack it again into a silent package.

The application is not new and it was actually made in 2005 but still works and is great if you want to build a Firefox packed with all your favourite addons, themes and settings. Download and fire it up, choose a new project and point the application to Firefox Setup that you downloaded from the web. It will extract the files, detect your Firefox profiles and show you the files that it will add to the silent installation package.

By default it adds your preferences and bookmarks, if you want to add themes and extensions you will have to download the .jar and .xpi files and add them to the files to be added to the installer. Once everything is done, it will create a file sfirefox.exe which is your new silent installation customized package. You might want to go through the readme file for more advanced options.

Download Silence Of The Foxes | via lifehacker