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Cactus Jukebox is an audio player and music organizing tool. You will love this audio player for Linux and Windows (experimental on Windows) if your focus is on usability and speed. Cactus Jukebox still runs smoothly with 15GB of music files on an old computer like a P3 @ 500MHz. Another great thing about Cactus Jukebox is that it features an option to synchronize your music collection with a mobile player device (USB).


+ Fast database
+ Audio CD ripper
+ Webradio support
+ Upload/synchronize to mobile players
+ Plattform independent(GTK, GTK2, win32)
+ Browse your music collection by artist, albums and titles
+ Save and load m3u playlists
+ ID3 tag support
+ Easy tagging of mp3-files

What's coming next:

+ Support flac, wma
+ Audio CD Player
+ Burn CD's
+ Support more plattforms(MacOSX, QT,...)
+ Many bugfixes
+ And more


The main window Linux/GTK2Cactus Jukebox on WindowsXP

Download Cactus Jukebox (Ubuntu .deb (both 32 and 64 bit), openSUSE .rpm and Windows .exe) | via ubuntu tips