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tabnavigator firefox add-onTabNavigator is a Firefox extension which allows desktop style tab navigation (alt-tab on windows) with option of tab preview. It combines the MS Windows style window navigation (small icons with name of the application) with the form of navigation found in Ubuntu (preview of the windows as you browse).

After the default installation TabNavigator enables Alt+R and Alt+W for forward and backward navigation through your tabs. You can modify the navigation keys to be any combination of Ctrl, Alt, or Shift + another key.

The initial preview is simply the favicons of the sites plus the title bar text at the bottom of a small gray box. You can increase the size of the icons or switch from icon view to full preview. Instead of the favicons you'll see a preview of the actual page. The default preview size is 500px, which isn't a bad size for previewing—although if you frequently tab between pages that are very similar looking, you may want to increase the preview size for clarity.

This Firefox add-on is experimental, so you'll have to check the "Let me install this experimental add-on" box to be able to install it.

[via lifehacker]