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Adobe Flash Player 0.2

Do not install anything called "Adobe Flash Player 0.2" into Firefox! This add-on uses a description that links itself to Adobe Flash Player 10 which does look legit at first glance. Only the low version number and the fact that it is listed under extensions and not plugins could cause suspicion by Firefox users.

The spyware add-on itself is distributed through forums and websites but not the main Firefox add-on repository. Users are once again reminded to only install add-ons from trustworthy sources. The spyware add-on injects ads into Google search results pages. More disturbing than that is the fact that the Google search history gets transferred to a third party website that is (most likely) run by the developers of the spyware add-on. This means that every Google search query is transferred to the third party server.

More info, HERE.

Thanks to reader dionis for sending us the tip!