Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

1. DarkDream

DarkDream gnome theme

Comes with GTK 2.x, Emerald and Metacity themes.

2. QDark Studio

QDark Studio gtk 2 theme

Comes with: 2 Emerald Themes, 11 wallpapers and the GTK+ and Metacity Themes.

3. zni3

zni3 gnome theme

4. Murrina Slate

Murrina Slate gnome theme

5. Capriccio

Capriccio gnome theme

Comes with: GTK 2.x, Emerald and Metacity themes.

6. LaGaDesk BlueNight

LaGaDesk BlueNight

Comes with GTK 2.x, Emerald and Icon Theme. Optional -> font: Handel Gothic BT or Handel Gothic D or denmark

7. Dust-BlueHaze


Comes with: GTK2 & Firefox theme, icons.

8. Moka

Moka ubuntu theme

Comes with GTK, an Emerald and an Openbox theme.

9. Turquoise Nights


(GTK 2.x + Emerald theme)

10. Aurora Hi-Fi

Aurora Hi-Fi

11. Hybrid Theory (Storm)

Hybrid Theory (Storm)

12. Elegant Pattern

Elegant Pattern

Comes with: Gtk/Xfwm/Emerald/Metacity/Firefox userchrome.