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We all know that having your blog hosted at Blogger (blogspot.com) isn't that easy. One of the issues which Blogger users have to deal with is hosting their JavaScript files. Once, everything was easy, by using Google Pages. Some time ago I was telling you how to 'tweak' FileDen to host your JavaScript files as .txt but 5 GB bandwidth per month is not enough so I searched for something with unlimited bandwidth and found quite a few alternatives:

1. The most obvious choicee is Dropbox which can be used to host any kind of files for your blog. Dropbox is a sync and backup tool but it's server lets you host 2 GB of files to their server, and also, inviting friends to join can get you 3 more GB of space (5 GB total) - all for free. Dropbox can be used for other things too, like i told you HERE and HERE.

2. Office Live Small Business offers, among others, a solution for building a website. You can use this to host your files (free). It offers 500 MB of space, but that should be enough to host some JavaScript files, isn't it? :)

3. Lycos Tripod, the Spanish version of the website still offers unlimited traffic and 1 GB of space, for free (unlike it's .com version which only offers 20 MB space and 1 GB monthly bandwidth for free). The only downside is the web interface which is in Spanish. But you can use Google Translator for that.

Do you know any other hosting solution with unlimited monthly bandwidth, for free? If so, please share it using the comment form below! Thanks!