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spell check bookmarklet

I've written quite a few posts here on Web Upd8, that's why I didn't always have the time to read the post a few times or pay attention to any spell checker suggestions after publishing it, that's why sometimes, I wish I could just check the text once more but in order to do that I had to edit the post and all those actions were bad for productivity. But today I found a really interesting Firefox bookmarklet which may be very handy for Web publishers, bloggers and so on:

Spell check <- drag this bookmerklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Once you've clicked the bookmarklet, Firefox will turn on the spellchecker for the page you're currently on. All the words that are either misspelled or absent from the Firefox dictionary will be highlighted in red. And you can right-click on a word to see suggested spellings or even to "correct" it. Of course, any changes you make won't actually be saved to the web page, and the next time you load the page they'll be gone.