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openoffice 3.1.1

What's new in OpenOffice.org 3.1.1 RC1:

· Ctrl+F11 puts the focus into the style ListBox - The key combination Ctrl+F11 doesn't call the Style Catalog anymore. Now it puts the focus into the style ListBox in the toolbox of text, frames, OLE-objects and pictures. It makes it easier to apply a paragraph or frame style without using a mouse.
· Extended UNO AWT menu API
· Locale data for Maltese (Malta) [mt-MT]
· Locale data for Myanmar (Myanmar) [my-MM]
· Locale data for Shuswap (Canada) [shs-CA].
· Arabic entries in language list box
· Arabic entry in language list
· Languages classified as RTL
· Locale data for Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) [tpi-PG]
· Classified some languages as CTL
· Positioning of axes and axis labels
· new: "Text direction" property for form controls
· Function Autopilot from inside the SRB
· Automatic binding of first table when opening a new Report
· Report output format now also available in the property browser
· Add Field dialog supports sorting and insert toolbar
· Allow anti-aliasing of drawing object...

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