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Mp3tag got updated! Mp3tag it's a great software to organize and customize your entire music collection in terms of IDtag. It's easy to use, you can embed album/cover art into mp3 files so that, if you're using an iPod or a mobile phone or any another MP3 player with album art support, you can see the album art for the song you're listening at that moment. I personally consider this very cool. There are also a bunch of cool stuff you can do with this software. It runs on Windows OS only (Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7).

A full list of changes that have been made from previous version and also a download link you can find by clicking on "read more".

------------ ----------------------------------------------------
[2009-08-14] REL: VERSION 2.44 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ ----------------------------------------------------
[2009-08-14] NEW: added MusicBrainz Web Source.
[2009-08-14] NEW: added Cover-only Amazon Web Sources.
[2009-08-14] NEW: added F2 keyboard shortcut for editing in Tag Sources dialog.
[2009-08-14] FIX: fixed UI glitches when editing long titles at Tag Sources dialog.
[2009-08-14] NEW: Windows 7 now officially supported.
[2009-08-13] CHG: changelog now English-only.
[2009-08-12] FIX: fixed problem with entering certain polish characters where AltGr (right Alt) key
was involved.
[2009-08-12] CHG: improvements for keyboard navigation at extended tags dialog.
[2009-08-12] FIX: action Case Conversion on Vorbis Comments field names did not take Date, Year,
and Organization into account.
[2009-08-11] CHG: added reporting of ID3v2 parsing errors as !BAD ID3v2 in tag field.
[2009-08-11] FIX: pasting a non-existent directory to the directory switcher resulted in a phantom
[2009-08-10] CHG: added Amazon API signing.
[2009-08-10] CHG: added *.jpeg to supported file extensions for displaying cover art from
[2009-08-10] FIX: fixed wrong splitting of artist names containing slash characters for freedb web
[2009-07-19] CHG: workaround for Firefox 3.5 dragged images always reported as BMP files.
[2009-07-19] FIX: possible runtime error with Ogg Vorbis cover art.
[2009-07-19] FIX: action 'Export cover to file' stopped working (since v2.43b).
[2009-07-19] FIX: command-line parameter /fp on non-existent directory loads all tracks of upper
[2009-07-11] CHG: updated used TAK SDK to version 1.1.1.
[2009-07-11] FIX: fields greater than 255 characters were not truncated in MP4 tags.
[2009-07-11] NEW: support for cover art for Ogg Vorbis files.
[2009-07-11] FIX: random runtime error when starting Mp3tag with multiple files from the Explorer
context menu.
[2009-07-04] CHG: increased number of possible user-defined tools.
[2009-07-04] FIX: pressing 'Cancel' on write-protected files did not cancel to complete tag-writing
process but only skipped the protected file.
[2009-07-04] CHG: unlocalised strings now defaulting to English.
[2009-07-04] FIX: minor fixes regarding file path canonicalization and validation.
[2009-06-30] FIX: removing fields by writing empty values was not possible anymore (since 2.43a).
[2009-06-28] NEW: support for Musepack SV8.
[2009-06-26] CHG: updated internal value mapping for MediaMonkey rating field RATING MM to address
changes in MM 3.1.
[2009-06-19] FIX: occasional runtime error while parsing ill-formed UFID frames in ID3v2 tags.
[2009-06-07] FIX: scripting functions used at 'Replace with' of action 'Replace with regular
expressions' were not evaluated anymore (since v2.43).
[2009-06-06] FIX: action 'Merge duplicate fields' merged all fields instead of only given one.
[2009-06-06] CHG: action 'Merge duplicate fields' now also takes _ALL as field name to merge all
[2009-06-05] FIX: overflow with negative values as second parameter for $num scripting function.
[2009-06-05] FIX: action 'Convert codepage' did not work in some cases.
[2009-05-12] NEW: multiple-valued fields can now also be created via 'Format value' actions (values
separated by \\).
[2009-05-11] NEW: field %_cover_type% containing cover type of first embedded cover art.
[2009-05-11] FIX: adding cover art via drag and drop was not possible anymore after modifying tag
panel fields via 'Options > Tag Panel'.
[2009-05-11] NEW: multiple-valued fields can now also be created via direct editing in the file
view (values separated by \\).
[2009-05-10] FIX: updated discogs.com web source.
[2009-05-09] CHG: preventing accidentally hiding of columns in the file view.
[2009-04-30] FIX: internal changes to prevent runtime errors on invalid file paths.
[2009-04-10] NEW: option 'Correct aspect ratio' at right-click menu of cover art window.
[2009-04-08] FIX: previous installation directory was not remembered by the installation program.

Download the software HERE.