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Vuurmuur is graphical front end for famous firewall software iptables. You can make complex firewall rules in simple steps. Vuurmuur supports traffic shaping, has powerful monitoring features, which allow the administrator to look at the logs, connections and bandwidth usage in real-time.

The configuration can be fully configured through an Ncurses GUI, which allows secure remote administration through SSH or on the console.

Vuurmuur features:

  • no iptables knowledge required
  • humanly readable rules syntax
  • traffic shaping
  • Ncurses GUI, no X required.
  • portforwarding is made very simple
  • easy to setup in with NAT
  • secure default policy
  • entirely manageble through ssh and from the console (including from windows using PuTTY)
  • scriptable for integration with other tools
  • can produce a bash firewall script
  • anti-spoofing features
  • killing of unwanted connections
  • supports working with Snort_inline using QUEUE or NFQUEUE
  • realtime logviewing
  • realtime connection viewing
  • filtering in logviewing and connection viewing
  • basic traffic volume accounting
  • searching through old logfiles
  • audit logging: all changes are logged
  • logging of new connections and bad packets
  • traffic volume accounting

Logviewer in actionConnection viewer
Logviewer example.Viewing connection with grouping enabled.
Traffic Volume MonitoringRules list
Vuurmuur traffic volume monitoring
Moniting the traffic volume.The rules list.
Shot of logviewer with Russian translation.Vuurmuur rule shaping settings
Logviewer with Russian translation.Rule shaping settings.


0.7 Stable release: Checkout the Ftp server
0.8 Development release: Ftp server

Debian / Ubuntu

Debian's Squeeze (testing) and Sid include Vuurmuur. So if you're running Debian you may want to run the packages supplied by Debian. Ubuntu Jaunty now also includes Vuurmuur.

For installing Vuurmur, either from your distro repositories (Ubuntu Jaunty or Debian Squeeze and Sid) or by adding the repositories below, the installation procedure is the same (if using the repositories below, first add the repositories and then run this command). Simply run this command in a terminal:
apt-get install libvuurmuur vuurmuur vuurmuur-conf

For Debian Sid:
sudo sh -c "echo 'deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian sid main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"
For Debian Etch
sudo sh -c "deb ftp://ftp.vuurmuur.org/debian/ etch main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"
Ubuntu Fetsy, Gutsy, Hardy, Intrepid:
sudo sh -c "deb ftp://ftp.vuurmuur.org/ubuntu/ DISTRO main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"
Replace DISTRO with fetsy, gutsy, hardy or intrepid, depending on your installed verison.

After the installation succeded, please proceed to the Configuration.