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imageshack ubuntu gui

Imageshack.us offers users an application to batch-upload images. There are versions for Ubuntu, MacOSX and, obviously Windows. I must say I am quite surprised that Imageshack offers this application to Ubuntu users in .deb packages.

In Ubuntu, after installing the application, you will find it under Internet > ImageShack Uploader. You can choose to either login and upload the images to your account, or upload without even owning an Imageshack account. After uploading (using drag-n-drop), a new window ill pop-up with links / code to: shortlink, direct image, thumbnail for web or forums and so on:

imageshack ubuntu

Also, ImageShack Uploader code is open-source, so if you want to use it on another Linux distribution, you can get the code from here.

Download ImageShack Uploader for Windows, Mac OSX or Ubuntu (.deb)