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GoingUp statistics seo

GoingUp! is a powerful web statistics system with a friendly AJAX interface which which comes with a bonus: it integrate a series of free SEO tools to improve traffic to your site.

After installing the tracking code to your website you can see the usual statistics these kind of services are offering: country, keywords which visitors searched to arrive to your website (referring keywords), what browser they use and how they interact with your site (via a heat map), goals, and monitor your incoming links.

But what makes GoingUp! an interesting service are the SEO tools offered in the same package, which you can access without even registering for an account. Among them:

  • Site Analyzer: gives you everything you need to get a comprehensive report of your site. Check your site structure, links, popularity, and many other metrics which will help aid in your sites goal to make it to the top!
  • SEO Optimizer: allows you to see how your page is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. They'll even give you suggestions on how to optimize your page for the best results (for Google, Yahoo and Bing)!

There is also a curious thing about GoingUp! - it offers a system of exchangeable points which you can use for premium services such as search engine promotion, keyword rank monitor and more, by only installing their PHP tracking code onto your website.