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[Linux / Windows / Mac OSX] Firefox backs up your tabs every 10 seconds and this can cause videos to stutter or Firefox to become unresponsive. Setting the interval to a higher number will fix the problem (at least it did for me).

How to change the time interval between each session save:

In your URL bar (awasome bar), type about:config and change:
to a higher value (like 60000, = 60 seconds).

Session restore purpose is to save your session so that when you open Firefox (or it crashes), you can continue browsing from where you left of. This means that setting the browser.sessionstore.interval value to a higher value might lose some opened tabs from your last session. But I'm willing to trade this for better Firefox responsiveness and smoother videos, especially since I can just wait a few seconds before closing Firefox so that everything is saved.

If you are using Ubuntu, here is a full-screen flash videos fix.

[via instantfundas, reddit]