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DockBar is a taskbar for Gnome with grouping and group manipulation which comes in two flavors: one for your Gnome panel and the other one as an applet for AWN (Avant Window Navigator).

DockBar, like DockBarX (DockBar with some advanced features - experimental), comes with an Ubuntu repository (it's actually the same so you can add it by following our DockBarX instructions) but the latest version is not available yet in the repo, so to install the latest DockBar (0.22):

Install - for Gnome Panel

- install python-gnome2-desktop
- copy dockbar folder to /usr/lib/
- make symlink /usr/bin/dockbar.py pointing to /usr/lib/dockbar/dockbar.py
- copy GNOME_DockBarApplet.server to /usr/lib/bonobo/servers
- add DockBar applet to panel

Install AWN-applet

1. Do a normal install (no need to add dockbarx to panel if you don't want to, of course).
2. Copy everything from the AWN folder to ~/.config/awn/applets
3. Remove original taskbar/launcher applet from awn (optional, but recommended)
4. Set 'Icon offset' parameter to 0!
5. Restart AWN
6. Add DockBar applet