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disqus akismet

Disqus comment system (which we use here, at WebUpd8) just decided it's time to stop the spam, and until they make their own anti-spam system:

We’re seeing an increase in a couple different types of spam lately. Sometimes it’s your straightforward, anonymous spammers. We can catch that easily. Recently, Disqus users have been victims to blackhat spammers who spend some time to leave legitimate comments, only to sign off with a suspicious link hawking designer sunglasses. We’ve gone through a handful of different spam handlers. We’re not entirely happy with what we have going on right now.

And last week, our spam handling went down for a short while which created a large backlog of unprocessed spam comments. This didn’t help things at all.

But, there is a solution. We’ve been working on our own Disqus anti-spam that we will be launching soon. It’s too early to report on its total effectiveness, but tests are looking very good.

they integrated Akismet, the most used anti-spam blog plug-in.

To enable Akismet for your Disqus-powerd blog comments, go to Disqus dashboard > Settings > check the "Akismet" option, and also enter your Akismet API (you need a wordpress.com account to receive an API, don't worry, it's free).