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I read a lots of feeds every day and if I want to share some of may favourite websites with my friends or blog readers, I have to export my OPML from Google Reader and then delete a lot of feeds which takes an awful lot of time, effort, etc. due to my large number of feeds.

But I recently discovered on MakeUseOf that you can make your own Google Reader feed bundle which you can share with whomever you want and in quite a few interesting ways (including a clip which you can embed into your blog). Read on!

How to create a RSS Feed Bundle for Google Reader

First go to Google Reader and log in. Then go to this page where you can add a title and brief description to your feed bundle, and then you can start adding some feeds, dragging and dropping them from the left into the bundle area. If you want to remove a feed from the list, just drag it to the bottom, where it says "Drag a subscription here to delete it from the bundle".

google reader subscription bundle

After you are done, click the "Save" button. You will then find your Feed Bundle, under All Items > Browse for stuff > View your Bundles (bottom right corner)

feed bundle

Then, you can either save the OPML file and send it to your friends, get a link for your website or blog (here's mine), email your new feed bundle to someone or even create a clip to embed to your blog, which will look like this:

This clip even comes with themes, you you can choose which color combination you like. With something like this, you can put it in your blog sidebar and people can instantly subscribe to all your favourite feeds simply by clicking the “subscribe” button at the bottom.