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A few GTK+ appplications such as GIMP and Inkscape automatically detect your language used during Windows installation and do not have an option for changing it so if you set you localization to something other than English, those apps will have their language set to that, and you cannot change it which is frustrating because most tutorials are in English and it's confusing to adapt them into another language. At least, not from their options menus.

But GIMP and Inkscape language can be changed. Simply create a new file called gimp.cmd or inkscape.cmd and paste this:

-for GIMP:
set lang=en
start gimp-2.6.exe
-for Inkscape:
set lang=en
start inkscape.exe

And copy the .cmd file in your GIMP or Inkscape bin folder. Now you must always run GIMP or Inkscape using this newly created file. If you don't like this, there is another way in doing this:

For GIMP you can go to C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\locale (change the path to the folder where you installed GIMP) folder and delete all languages except en_GB. Now GIMP will only be able to start in the remaining language in the locale folder. The same for Inkscape: C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\locale (or wherever you installed Inkscape) and delete all language packs except en_GB.