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CCK Wizard is a Firefox extension which can be used to create an extension that customizes Firefox. To access it, after installation, select Tools->CCK Wizard.

For instance, you can create an add-on which will be bundled with your favourite add-ons, plug-ins, different logo, settings, etc. and use it to distribute it to your blog readers, co-workers or with whomever you want.

CCK Wizard can customize the following:

* Add identifer to the user agent string
* Change the default home page and startup override home page
* Change the title bar text
* Change the animated logo
* Change the web page and tooltip used for the animated logo
* Add a help menu item that links to a web page
* Provide sites for which popups and XPInstalls are allowed by default
* Preinstall browser plug-ins
* Preinstall search engines
* Add folders, bookmarks and live bookmarks to the personal toolbar
* Add folders, bookmarks and live bookmarks to the bookmarks folder
* Set default preferences
* Lock preferences
* Add registry keys (Windows only)
* Add certificates
* Set default proxy configurations
* Package other XPIs with your distribution
* Disable about:config

Now I can finally share all my Firefox add-ons and most importantly: tweaked settings, with my friends, by simply installing an extension.