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UpdateThat is a free widget that enables your visitors to update their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace status while on your site.

Access to these accounts is made via Gigya Socialize API so the login is safe and, of course, always possible to remove these authorizations from your visitors accounts.

Using the widget is very easy, all you have to do is enter a piece of code into your blog's template:
var gs_sw_width = 290;
var gs_sw_status = "I am reading an awesome post at: http://123.com";
var gs_sw_bgColor = "0098F3";
var gs_sw_foreColor = "#AAFF2A";
var gs_sw_borderColor = "#F7F7F7";
<script src="http://cdn.gigya.com/js/StatusWidget.js"></script>
Update the code above with:
* Width of widget
* Initial status in the text box
* Change background, foreground and border colors.

You can see the widget, live, on UpdateThat homepage.