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better twitter

Troy's Twitter Greasemonkey Script is definitely the most complete and one of the best, but now it's got competition: Better Twitter.

Better Twitter is a compilation of Twitter userscripts - Better Gmail style.

  1. Preloading of next page when you scroll down
  2. When on home, it remembers the last tweet that you've read and preloads next pages until you reach it, after which preloading stops
  3. Option to enable polling for new updates from your friends every 2 minutes. (This works best in Fluid on Mac OS X, where you have Growl notifications)
  4. Tab-completion of friend names when writing updates: for instance, writing "@mi" and hitting Tab will expand it to "@mislav"
  5. When clicked on the "reply" icon on a single tweet page an inline reply form is shown without reloading the page
  6. Clicking on the "in reply to ..." links fetches and displays the referenced tweet inline
  7. Sorts friends in the sidebar by screen name
  8. Minified layout when you resize your browser window to a width narrower than Twitter.com layout
  9. Displays a Google map on user profiles which have geo coordinates
  10. Highlights @replies in yellow
  11. Added retweet button below reply button on hover
Once you've installed the user script, you can move your mouse over a tweet to find the new retweet button, scroll down to preload the next page of tweets, start typing your friend's names in the reply box and use the Tab key to auto-complete them, and use an inline reply form on the single tweet page.

Please note that you need Greasemonkey and Firefox or Opera to use this user script.

[via lifehacker]