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ezRSS is a website designed to help you download your favourite TV shows by using a BitTorrent client. The thing I like about ezRSS is that it allows you to automatically download new episodes, as soon as they are available (known as broadcatching).


ezRSS comes from the folks at EZTV, probably the most popular TV torrent release group. Founded in the spring of 2005, EZTV was an attempt to fill the void left behind by several other TV-torrent sites when they were taken offline. In the years that followed, it grew to become the leading TV-torrent release group, with some of the more popular releases being downloaded up to two million times in just one week.


About a week ago, the site has returned with more features than ever before. Aside from getting the forums back online, EZTV now dedicates a full page to each released episode, with download statistics, a sample of the release and several download mirrors.

In addition to these episode pages, all the TV shows now have their own page as well as a user generated show rating, a description of the show and related news items and general information.

On top of the changes in the site’s functionality, EZTV has also switched to using the OpenBitTorrent tracker instead of those of The Pirate Bay. “That was a pretty easy decision,” Novaking told us. “With the current sale of TPB it would only be a matter of time before we couldn’t use it anyways, so we made the switch before that happened.

A guide for seting up ezRSS automatic download (using a BitTorrent client) of new TV shows episodes can be found HERE.

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