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Foobar2000 is probably the best audio player for Windows and if you are not using it yet, I strongly suggest you at least try it.

The following mini tutorial will explain how to use a dockable window to display auto-scrollable lyrics in the latest version of Foobar2000 (v0.9.6.9 beta 1).

foobar2000 lyrics

1. Install Foobar2000 beta 1 - download it from here. Also, download foo_uie_lyrics.dll and foo_dockable_panels.dll foobar2000 components:
and copy them to C:\Program Files\foobar2000\components (if you installed foobar2000 to another location, search for it).

2. Go to View > Layout > Enable Layout Editing Mode. Now let's create the lyrics window. For that, go to View > Dockable Panels > New and click inside the new window and select "Lyrics Show".

3. To remove the close button from our new lyrics window, in foobar2000 menu go to View > Dockable Panels > Actve panel and select "Hide Close Box"

4. By default, the Lyric Show window text is too small, so to configure the font size and other appearance aspects, right click the Lyric Show window and select "Settings". On the "Display" tab, select "Font" and enter your desired font size.

5. On the "Internet" tab, select the "Download automatically" option.

That's it. You may drag the window corner to set it's width and height.

6. Optional step. Alternative, depending on the view you are using, you can resize the Lyric Show window to a panel's exact width and height, then go to View > Dockable Panels > Active panel and select "No frame" which will make the Lyric Show window look like this:

foobar2000 lyric show

[Credits: pplware]