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AnonEmail allows you to send anonymous emails by resending your email several time through random nodes, thus making it impossible to trace back. In AnonEmail, you can fill in your recipient, the subject, and a short plain-text message. Contrary to many other services AnonEmail does not (seem to) log your IP. However, we do urge you not to use it for anything illegal.

As an extra security measure, AnonEmail will then wait for an unknown period before sending your email along. Why? So no one will be able to prove your ‘guilt’ based on time/location, or make geographic presumptions based on timezones.

Formmail Anonymous Mailer is a great alternative to AnonEmail, allowing you to specify a sender’s address as well as the ability to send it from a normal mail account. You can also select the specific remailers you want the website to use, from a list of 17 possibilities. Note that the message will take increasingly longer to send when re-rooting it through multiple remailers.

The debatable downside of Formmail Anonymous Mailer is that it logs your IP-addresses to keep you from doing anything stupid. They won’t include it in the emails you send, but if you do anything illegal, they’ll give it up.

Send Anonymous Mail is a third anonymous mailing utility. Although it lacks the complete anonymity of AnonEmail, and the remailer control of Formmail, this is the most simple one around. You’ll also be able to specify a sender’s address, a ’supposed’ origin point for your secret message. Nothing else fancy is included, but if you’re looking for simplicity, this is your guy.

Again, this one logs your IP address, so you’ll have another reason not to try anything shady.

And a bonus:

10 Minute Mail is kind of the opposite (well, sort of - you can get a temporarily email for receiving, not sending messages) of the above anonymous sending emails. Without any registration or any input from your side, visiting it's address, it creates a temporarily email address which lasts for 10 minutes - you can use this address to register to websites that you think might spam you, etc. If you receive an email onto this address (make sure you don't reload the page), the message will be displayed directly on it's front page (obviously, you'll be the only one seeing it). After 10 minutes, this email address will self-destruct.

[credits: makeuseof.com]