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1. WTFramework - If you ever have visited a website and was like, “What… that is awesome! I wonder what JavaScript framework they used to developer that awesome website!?!” then this is the bookmarklet for you :) A small rectangle will show up in the upper-right corner of the page indicating if any of the following frameworks were used… (MooTools, Yahoo User Interface, jQuery, Scriptaculous, Dojo Toolkit, Mochikit, etc.)

jquery detector

2. jQuery Plugin Detector - Instead of digging through the View Source you can just click this bookmarklet to reveal a little window that reveals you all the jQuery plugins loaded for the current page. To save the bookmarklet simply drag the above link to your bookmarks toolbar. It’s been tested successfully in Opera 9, Safari 4, FF2/3, IE6/7, and Chrome. The list shown includes google links for each plugin; obviously not all plugins on all sites are available to the public so the links aren’t always very useful.

[via web dev .net]