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seesmic twitter facebook browser client

Like we were telling you a month ago, Seesmic's was about to launch a new browser-based client which is now out, to go with their desktop client for Twitter and Facebook. Before you even consider the features of Seesmic Web, though, you might notice something quite familiar about the interface: there's a single-column mode that looks a heck of a lot like Gmail. Timeline, replies and direct messages are in a sidebar, like Gmail's folders, and the text of the tweets or Facebook posts themselves goes right where you'd expect to see a subject line.

The client is pretty basic, simple to use and similar in some ways to the desktop client.

You can open up your timeline in a column, your mentions in another column and your direct messages in another column. You can also use the mouse to roll over a Twitter handle and will be given the option to see the user’s profile, message the user or unfollow the user. My favorite part of this interface is using the timeline in the single column mode, which makes it seem like a simple, easy to use email application. The other compelling part of the browser client is the layout of the direct messages, which makes it simple to have and see a conversation with someone.