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FinderFox adds a "search bubble" that pops-up when your visitor selects/highlights a part of the text on your website, similar to the "Lookup Word" button on NYTimes.com, but has more features. You can customize the search bubble to include your own site-specific search engine.

* Your readers will be able to tweet a quote with a single click.
* Your readers will be able to look up unfamiliar terms quicker.
* You will engage your visitors better by increasing the usability of your site-specific search.
* Your website will stand out and look cooler!
* Because FinderFox loads asynchronously it should not negatively impact your page's load time.
* Results open in a new window so your visitors will not redirected away from your site.

It is very easy to add to Blogger, Wordpress and such, all with just one click of a button.

Demo, customization and download.