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lock ubuntuLinux only: Gnome system restrictions utility Lockdown Editor lets you create a profile that limits a user to a set of application that a system administrator allows. It has a nice, logically structured GUI that allows administrators to choose and click checkboxes on the options that you want to deny for user access. By default all the lockdown functions are unchecked, meaning the system remains configured as is. Also, there is no button to check all the checkboxes at once; you have to choose each one by one. Moving the mouse button over a specific lockdown option gives administrators a description of that function in a popup box.

To install Lockdown Editor in Ubuntu, run the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install pessulus

Once you've installed the software, you'll need to run as an administrator user and apply the changes to another account on the machine.

Once the installation is complete you can launch it from System > Administration > Lockdown Editor. Now there are some categories which lets you lock down the system options, under General category you can apply general rules like you can disable command line interface, printing and save to disk. Please note that you should apply these rules by logging in as main admin user of the system, and thus these rules will apply to all other users.

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